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       MARS Wallets (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu-64):   MarsBux MarsBux MarsBux

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      NOTE: There is NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER associated with any of these wallets.

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       MARS Release Date:     2017-05-29          MARS2 Release Date:     2017-07-27
      MARS Maximum Coins:  1,050,000,000         MARS2 Maximum Coins:  2,000,000,000
     MARS Coin Algorithm:         Scrypt        MARS2 Coin Algorithm:         Scrypt
         MARS Block Size:          1,000            MARS2 Block Size:          1,000

       SMITHPOOL Website:  MARS Explorer          SMITHPOOL Website:  MARS2 Explorer
     MARS Block Explorer:    MARS Blocks        MARS2 Block Explorer:   MARS2 Blocks
    MARS on CoinExchange:  CoinExch-MARS       MARS2 on CoinExchange: CoinExch-MARS2
   1st MARS Mining Pool*:      1st MARS2 Mining Pool*:
   2nd MARS Mining Pool*:      2nd MARS2 Mining Pool*:

    *The pool's Getting Started tab indicates the correct port to use.


    2018-02-27 21:41 UTC - MARS and MARS2 Lite Explorers are down for the moment.
    2018-01-17 17:37 UTC - MARS2 Mining Pool will be DOWN for maintenance at 2018-01-19 05:00 UTC
    2018-01-17 17:36 UTC - MARS Mining Pool will be DOWN for maintenance at 2018-01-18 02:00 UTC
    2018-01-15 11:17 UTC - See our interesting timeline by pressing the ABOUT button.
    2017-12-22 01:56 UTC - THINK MARS.
    2017-12-21 10:30 UTC - Follow us on Twitter @marsbux
    2017-12-07 05:08 UTC - BitCoin's high price is suppressing all other cryptocurrencies.
    2017-11-25 16:01 UTC - appreciates users purchasing 52 BTC of MARS on 11/10!
    2017-11-25 16:00 UTC - appreciates users purchasing 58 BTC of MARS2 on 11/11!
    2017-11-11 13:08 UTC - High difficulty and hash rate of MARS and MARS2. Obvious interest.
    2017-11-11 11:28 UTC - Very high trading of MarsBux on!
    2017-11-07 10:01 UTC - MarsBux software development is continuing. Long term process!
    2017-10-29 11:32 UTC - Volume building for MARS on! 30 million orders!
    2017-10-24 08:56 UTC - High difficulty on MARS and MARS2! Explorers are delayed.
    2017-10-09 20:36 UTC - Windows Defender will delete MarsBux-qt.exe during a scan!
    2017-10-09 20:36 UTC -   To fix, turn off Windows Defender and add MarsBux-qt.exe
    2017-10-09 20:36 UTC -   as an Exclusion. Then turn Windows Defender back on.
    2017-10-01 12:36 UTC - This website's enhancements are continuing.

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    MARS and MARS2 cryptocurrencies developed by: CryptoLife Development

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